Enterprise Land and Cattle


Enterprise Land and Cattle, LLC (ELAC, for short) is a family-owned company whose goal is to make buying land easy and affordable for everyone.

We have been buying and selling land for several years. Our goal is to make the purchase of the land of your dreams as easy as possible.

Buying property isn't rocket science and it shouldn't require superhuman efforts to make it happen.

When we started out we invested in land because we saw its many attractions:

  1. They aren't making any more (our apologies, Will Rogers!)
  2. Land doesn't disappear (unless its located on the Florida or California coasts!) or go bust (as many companies do, leaving their stockholders in the lurch).
  3. Historically, land has increased in value and so has acted as a good long-term investment.
  4. As areas gain in popularity the price of land skyrockets by buying early you secure your corner in paradise while its still available at reasonable prices.

The pictures you see in our land gallery are of each lot not generic photos that may or may not have anything to do with the land itself.

We finance what we sell and so make it as easy as possible.