Enterprise Land and Cattle


Can I build a home on the land?

All of the land we offer is zoned Residential, unless other wise noted. You can build anytime you wish, but there is no usually no requirement to build. However, many jurisdictions require you to complete building within a specified time period, for example, 36 months. This is to protect against eyesore properties that remain unfinished for years and years.

What is the zoning of these properties?

Almost all of the properties we sell are zoned for residential use. Some of the properties we sell are zoned for agricultural use, but may be re-zoned with a few easy, inexpensive steps. We do not guarantee the zoning of any of our land parcels. If you have questions about the zoning of a particular property, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to give you further information about the property you're interested in.

Is there a road to these properties?

You can drive to all of the properties we sell. We will not sell a property that does not have road access. Many of our properties have paved roads right to the property line. Most of the properties we sell have good dirt roads, which are accessible with any car. A few of our parcels are located in remote areas, which may have poor dirt or gravel roads. In these cases, you can still drive to the property, but you may need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get to the land. In these rare cases, we will make note of the poor road condition on the property information page of our site.

Do the properties have water?

Visit the Land for Sale page of our site, and click on any of the parcels for sale. On each of the individual property for sale pages, the location and accessibility of water is shown on the page. Some of the properties we sell are located in areas that are served by city water. In these cases, water may be obtained by simply connecting to the water supply near the property line. In other cases, city water is not available, and it is necessary to drill a well. On most of the acreage or rural parcels we sell, a well will need to be drilled, since city water is not available nearby. Wells can range from 100 feet to 1000 feet deep, and in a few very rare cases, water may not be available at all. To our knowledge, we have never sold a parcel of land on which excellent water could not be located. In other words, as far as we know, every property we have ever sold has water available either by well or city water. In most cases, the cost of drilling a well is very reasonable. In rocky or hilly areas, this cost can rise dramatically. Again, be sure to read the individual property page for water information about that specific property.

Do the properties have electricity and telephone service?

Visit the Land for Sale page of our site, and click on any of the parcels for sale. On each of the individual property for sale pages, the location and accessibility of electricity is shown on the page. Many of the properties we sell are located in areas that have electricity at the property line. In some cases, the electricity is just across the street. We also sell remote acreage parcels that are several miles or more from power. In these cases, the cost to bring power to the property may be significant. Remember that many of the buyers who buy land from us don't plan to build on the land for quite some time. In these cases, it makes sense to simply wait until you are ready to build, because by the time you're ready to build, one of your neighbors may have paid to have the power brought much closer to your land, and it didn't cost you one red cent.

Is the land approved for a septic system?

Some of our lots, especially those on paved roads, and within a development, may have sewer service available in the street. But for most of the parcels we sell, there is no city sewer service available. In these cases, it will be necessary for you, the buyer, to have a septic system installed. We have never sold a property (to our knowledge) that did not "perk" for a septic system. Septic systems typically start at $1,000.

Is there a balloon payment with this owner contract financing?

No. We do not have a balloon payment.

Is there a pre-payment penalty? Can you pay more than the minimum monthly payments?

There is never a prepayment penalty. You can pay off the land any time you're ready, with no penalty of any kind and you can pay any amount over the minimum monthly payment, which will be credited toward principal.

How much are the closing costs?

We charge a nonrefundable $149 closing fee to cover costs of overnight mail and document preparation.

Who owns the properties being sold on EnterpriseLandandCattle.com?

We own all of the properties we sell. We do not sell land that belongs to other companies or other individuals. We are not realtors.

How does EnterpriseLandandCattle.com acquire its properties?

We buy land directly from private parties not from tax sales or government struck-off lists. We buy desirable, top-quality properties that we feel will satisfy the needs of our buyers. We buy properties that we can buy for a good value, and then we offer the properties to buyers at a fair price with simple, easy terms.

Are there any liens on the properties?

No. None of our properties have liens on them. We guarantee that all of our properties are sold to you with clear title, free of any type of lien.

Should I visit the property before buying?

Thats entirely up to you! Most of our buyers purchase property from us sight unseen. Because of our strong guarantees, our buyers are comfortable making a buying decision without inspecting the property first. In addition, we have already viewed the property, and inspected the land. We have already taken photos of the actual property. Remember, all of the photos on our site are actual photos of the land you are buying, not just a photo of the general area.

May I purchase more than one property?

Yes. We have had many buyers who purchased several properties at the same time or who return at a later date to purchase additional lots for investment.

What is owner financing?

Owner financing is perhaps the easiest way to buy property. It is extremely simple. We will sell the land to you (as if we were the bank) and all you need to do is pay a small down payment and make monthly payments. We finance the land for you, so you don't need to qualify for a bank loan. No application, no credit check, no hassle. We provide you with a Land Purchase Contract which outlines the sale details. Have it notarized and return it to us and that is all it takes!

Do I qualify to buy with owner financing?

Yes! Everyone qualifies to buy with owner financing. There is no loan application, no bank red tape. All you do is pay the down payment & processing fee and make the small monthly payments. It couldn't be easier!

Do I pay any kind of sales tax or real estate transfer tax when I buy land from EnterpriseLandandCattle.com?

No. In some states, there is no transfer tax or sales tax. In other states, a tax is required. In states where a tax is required to be paid, we pay the tax for you. We want this to be an easy, simple transaction, with as little out-of-pocket for you as possible.

What kind of guarantee do I get when I buy land from EnterpriseLandandCattle.com?

Because we sell quality land, at a fair price, with excellent owner financing terms, we're proud to offer the following guarantees. We offer a 30-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee, and a 1-year exchange guarantee.

What are the property taxes on the land I buy from EnterpriseLandandCattle.com?

On most of the properties we sell, the property taxes are $100 - $200 per year. To determine the exact amount of the property tax for the properties you are interested in view the individual property page. To make it simple for our buyers, EnterpriseLandandCattle.com pays the property taxes each year. Then, we divide the annual property taxes by 12 months, and add this to your monthly payment. For example, let's say you purchase a property from us, and the advertised monthly payment is $100. The annual property taxes on your property are $120. We would divide the $120 annual taxes by 12, so you would pay $110 per month ($100 for the property, and $10 for the taxes).

Is EnterpriseLandandCattle.com a Realtor/Broker?

No. We are not Realtors or Brokers. Realtors and Brokers are people who sell real estate that belongs to others, and they earn a commission from the sale. We own all of the properties we sell. In addition, we sell directly to the public, thereby avoiding the Realtor's commission, allowing us to sell our properties for a lower price.